Released V0.2.0.1

I am Happy to announce, that i have released the Version V0.2.0 today. The main new feature is the implementation of public bulletins. A public Bulletin is a drop, that is visible to anyone who searches for it. Like a Bulletin anyone can read and post to it. But only the owner (the one who Released V0.2.0.1

Relesed V0.1.2.4

Hi everyone, tonight I have release a new Version of the API and an updated Android and Windows Client. The current Version is now A Client Update is not necessary, but if you want to profit of the new features and bugfixes, you should update 😉 Review the fixed tickets at

I have nothing to hide!

A sentence, that you hear often when the discussion is going towards security regulations or surveillance attempts that endanger privacy rights. Why this is wrong at may levels: The What is “good” and what is “bad” Problem Well if you ask yourself the question, if you have something to hide, then you will judge this I have nothing to hide!

Stop scanning me

I am supporting the „Stop scanning me“ initiative, as I already pointed out earlier. However, if my arguments didn’t convince you, maybe this video can: So if you are convinced, sign the Petition. I Already did so

Dead Drop Security

Any communication with the dead drop server is secured with HTTPS, It is impossible to track who is communicating with whom through Dead Drop. This is due to the fact, that the dead drop messages do not contain any information about the recipients. Even a meta data analysis on IP level will never reveal, who Dead Drop Security

The Solution

I have been thinking about this idea of transfering the dead drop idea into the digital world further and the result is: The dead drop messenger and the dead drop API Server. While I have just released the Version 0.1 not all of the desired features are complete or completely tested jet. But I do The Solution

The Idea

My little bit is to help anyone to gain secure anonymous communication. Because even if: Governments may do bad laws, we can still protect ourselves to let those evil laws run dry. And additionally: If 46% of the worlds population does not have access to privacy rights. But I beleive, they should have it. And The Idea