Update V0.4.

Hi everyone I am happy to announce the Update to Version V0.4.

With this Version the most important security features are live now:

Replace scAPI with localLib
For the Windows and the Android Version now the simplecrypt encrytion is done by a local library. The scAPI is was used in the early versions as a simple way to make simplecrypt available platform independently.

Implement Private secure Drops
The last Drop Type, the Private secure Drop is available now. This Drop Type is the most secure Drop. Communication with this drop is end to end encrypted. The access is restricted only to explicitly invited clients. So even if someone would find out the corrdinates of a private secure drops, he could not access it.

Protect Client by Password
The client can now be protected with a password. The password is not stored anywhere. The password is used to encrypt the few client data and if set this protects the client.

Encrypt database content
The Database Content is now encrypted. So even if someone would steal the database, he could not read the contents.

While the release focused on security feature the next release will focus on Refactorings and Chat functionality. See the current Roadmap for the status

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