The Idea

So, what to do? Well I think the most important thing is to raise your voice. Talk to your representative if you can, support Organizations that fight for our Rights, like or Amnesty International or which Organization you believe is appropriate to fight for our and your rights.

My little bit is to help anyone to gain secure anonymous communication. Because even if governments do bad laws and bad guy try to take advantage from that, we can still protect ourselves to let those evil laws run dry.

So, if others spy on us, why don’t we use spy methods to get away from this?

In the physical world spies still use dead drops to exchange information or items. You may want to refer to the Wikipedia page for more details Dead drop – Wikipedia or the german version is a little more detailed Toter Briefkasten – Wikipedia

So, the “classic” dead drop is a unobtrusive and/or hidden place like a hole in a tree in the woods, Book in a Library or a loose brick in a wall. If you want to a Geo Cache (Geocaching – Wikipedia) is also a kind of dead drop.

In this way they can exchange information without ever meeting each other or maybe even more important never be seen together.

The general idea of this project is to transfer this principle into the digital world. There are attempts to do this like using one mailer account without sending mails but just leaving drafts.

But this is pretty unhandy. What we need are hidden digital places, that can be accessed only by those who know the right coordinates. And we need a messenger client, that can easily put and pull information from this place without revealing the users identity, location or other meta data.