Published Class to CodeCorner

As a „By-Product“ of the Dead-Drop development i decided to publish some Code here, that might be helpful for others as snippets or usable classes. The first one is a Delphi Class for a cross Platform FilePicker. In general the default TOpenDialog component can do the job easly. But while this component does not work Published Class to CodeCorner

Update V0.4.

Hi everyone I am happy to announce the Update to Version V0.4. With this Version the most important security features are live now: Replace scAPI with localLibFor the Windows and the Android Version now the simplecrypt encrytion is done by a local library. The scAPI is was used in the early versions as a simple Update V0.4.

Relesed V0.1.2.4

Hi everyone, tonight I have release a new Version of the API and an updated Android and Windows Client. The current Version is now A Client Update is not necessary, but if you want to profit of the new features and bugfixes, you should update 😉 Review the fixed tickets at