Any communication with the dead drop server is secured with HTTPS,

It is impossible to track who is communicating with whom through Dead Drop. This is due to the fact, that the dead drop messages do not contain any information about the recipients. Even a meta data analysis on IP level will never reveal, who is talking to whom. Also in the case, that one communication partner got compromised, it will be impossible to find out with whom he shared the information.

Even if Hackers (or maybe secret services) spy on low network levels and onto wide ranges of  the network. They still can not see who are the communication partners, because everyone is talking only to the Dead Drop Server.

Dead Drops end to end encryption bases on Simplecrypt . Simplecrypt is a powerful encryption library that allows a very high key strength. Simplecrypt is also not very common, what makes it very unlikely, that anyone is able to break it’s keys.

However, I am planning to plug in other additional encryption methods as well.