Welcome to the anonymous messaging home!

Dead-Drop.net is a new platform for anonymous messaging. The Website as well as the service is currently in its building phase.

The main target is to provide a messaging service, that is totally anonymous. It comes with a messenger App, that will be available for Windows, Android, MacOS and iOS.

The concept of Dead Drop Messaging differs from the common messengers. The target is no to connect to as many people as possible and collecting the user’s data from as many as possible.

It is more the opposite: It enables you to create secret places where you can exchange messages and data with people you know without sharing your identities to anyone else. Also not the service provider.

Therefore, the dead Drop messenger will also not bother you with popups of new messages. The idea of the communication is a classical spy dead drop. A secret place, where you can leave a message or pick it up, when you are willing to do so. While We have just set up this page, we will update the Information here, and provide the software for download as well.

So follow the blog pages if you want to stay up to date